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Twenty Years!!!

Aug. 2nd, 2007 | 10:41 am

Fear not, fkfanfic.com will be around for at least the next 9 years:

Record expires on 08-Oct-2016 
Record created on 07-Oct-1996

This will make the site 20 years old (wtf?) when I next need to renew the domain

Also, mega happy birthdays to immajer today, who did the original site design and graphics.

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JADFE progress update

May. 23rd, 2007 | 07:49 pm
mood: busy

I was able to contact the JADFE archive owner and:

a.  her site is back up

b.  I'm still going to rehost JADFE on www.fkfanfic.com

c.  I've decided to scrap re-doing the pages (frontpage mess) and just move JADFE to Efiction  (in progress)

Now I'm not sure how many stories are missing, as I just figured out that a bunch of the stories were done in frames (ugh).  Which is also why moving to Efiction will be much much better, in addition to allowing new stories to be added.

It's going to take alot of work but it will be a good test of how well the archival software is working

Anyone with JADFE old or new stories that would like to test it out for me, let me know!   Existing stories - your stories will likely get added manually by me but it will help me alot if you can add your own. 


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May. 21st, 2007 | 10:15 pm
mood: busy

It appears the website that was hosting JADFE is no longer available.  If anyone knows how to get in touch with the owner, let me know.

In the meantime, since I have some time and have been working on the fanfic site a little (stuff incoming again!), I've decided to try and host it on www.fkfanfic.com.  Short term, maybe long term so we can have one definite and home spot for it.  I have the room and bandwidth now.

I have a backup copy of the website, but it appears to be missing some stories and files.  If anyone knows who might have a backup of some of the stories, that would help.  The first ones I noticed missing were the LaCroix/Divia ones.

Additionally, the HTML in these pages is horrible (no offense to whomever did them, but Frontpage was used and it does horrid things to HTML code).  Thus, I'm working on updating the pages and making them a tad bit more usable and customizable with a CSS, also a good practice for me, and using Dreamweaver, which I'm going to be using to update the old archive and V4S site, as it is a faster way to update HTML without having to handcode everything..

Unfortunately, I also terribly suck at graphics, but I can at least get a functional website up and working, so thus, I'm gonna try and get this up and working this week.  Anyone who would like to design some graphics, especially a logo, let me know!

Here's a preview of what I'm working on.  The links aren't working yet, but you can see the layout.   When I'm feeling more ambitious, I might redesign it with a database etc. and reformat the stories, as well.  Feedback on colors, readability, etc. welcome.  In the long run, I can add links, history and maybe a way to submit stories, or to add the stories to the new archive once ready.

Let me know what you think!

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Happy 10th birthday, www.fkfanfic.com!

Oct. 20th, 2006 | 03:15 pm
mood: accomplished

I sent the following today to FORKNI-L (in case you're no longer on the list)

Posted with the permission of Lisa.  Forgive me if this is a bit long, but I figured some old and new people would like to know the story.
It was over 10 years ago today that I launched www.fkfanfic.com.  In the beginning, I started hosting stories when I noticed that the original archive was no longer updating.  This was when the web was still young and new and we didn't have fancy HTML generators or PHP etc.  I first hosted stories on my own personal webspace but after a while and some guidance from my good friends, including Jamie Randell and TJ Goldstein, I obtained my own domain name in October, 1996 and www.fkfanfic.com was born.
The web design changed over time.  I got better about organizing stories (again thanks to Jamie who designed most everything) and used an excel database to track everything.  HTML for the story listings was generated from the database.   It was a ton of work back then, assembling and reformatting stories, adding them to the database, generating new pages, and uploading them all to the website.  Updates could take hours and hours of work.  But I loved doing it.
Then somewhere in there, Real Life intervened several times, and I confess I lost interest a bit when I got involved in MMPORGs and I had a number of health and RL issues that really limited the amount of time I could devote to FK.  Then I lost my pc hard drive and the database and was overwhelmed by the amount of work it would take to recreate everything (over 2500 stories?!!).  I also was majorly broke for several times in there due to job layoffs but I kept the site up as best as I could, with the moral and financial support of Stephanie Babbitt.    You can ask Stephanie, when we went over my budget together, the fanfic site was never negotiable.  Well, the past few years have been better finally.
And this past year, I have been working on fixing things up again.  I was forced to find a new web provider last year, but this was a blessing as I was able to find a much better one that provides all kinds of bells and whistles that I can and have now put to work improving the site to something better.  It's amazing what wonderful things you can easily get for websites nowadays.  Fortunately, I was able to recover an old copy of the database and spent many hours rebuilding the database to make it current again.    I am also in the process of implementing a new auto-archival system for authors, Efiction.  I am just waiting for the new release to come out before I make this available.  I do plan on regenerating the old pages here in the near future, to allow for updates/changes.  No new stories will be added to the old archive, however, in lieu of the new archive, where you will be able to add your own stories.  Stay tuned on this.
I have also been implementing a new front end for www.fkfanfic.com.  You can see it up and running now.  I'm still ironing out some of the kinks and making changes, but it should be working (feel free to test and comment on things).   The site is also available via RSS, and will have an RSS feed from the new story archive so that you will be able to see new stories on the front page.  The old archive will always be available via a link on the main page.     If you have any suggestions, submissions for articles, links, quotes, etc., feel free to use the Contact page or email me.   I am hoping to put together some pages of reference of the many great sites people still are keeping up and running about Forever Knight as well.  If you'd like for me to host any material, let me know too, as I know there's alot of scattered information out there still and some outdated sites and I'd be glad to host things in a central site..
Anyway, thank you to all of you out there for all your moral support and visiting the site over the years.  And thank you to the many authors who shared their wonderful stories that have kept Forever Knight alive and well in our hearts.   It's hard to believe it's been 10+ years.
Feel free to forward this to other lists if you wish, or post on your sites.  And a big hello again to old friends, sorry for losing touch and disappearing there for a while.  I'm better now and I'm back.
Thanks and hugs to all,
Mel Moser

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Oct. 16th, 2006 | 01:07 pm
mood: coldcold

I spent alot of time last night working with the new front end.  It's still under construction and I have a redirect in place to keep the default www.fkfanfic.com going to the old main page, except for when I'm working on the new site.

If you'd like to see what it will look like (none of the links will work because of the redirect):


I added in a ton of quotes last night, which was fun.  I'm also working on the glossary. 

As for the new story archive, you can see the link to it on the right side, but I'm not going forward with it quite yet, as I'm waiting for the new release of Efiction to come out.  It's version 3.0 and in beta right now and supposed to be released any time now.  It's really not worth doing much with the release on fkfanfic.com as I'm not sure how rough the upgrade will be, or if I'll just need to install it from scratch.  Err, scratch that, it seems that my Efiction site has gone in the tank again (nm fixed it finally).

Anyway, let me know what you think.  I'll be able to post articles, have users to log in and be able to add content (on a limited basis), comments, suggest links as well as receive RSS feeds including feeds from the new story archive.  I'd like to start a weekly question thread, like Mr. Happy used to have.  I'm tempted to just go live with it as is, but I haven't been able to test it all that much (like user logins and stuff).  Maybe I should just say the hell with it and go for it.

I'll be posting something soon to FORKNI-L  (October 20, bonus points if you know what this date is).

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Still Here, Still Working on Things

Aug. 1st, 2006 | 01:29 pm
location: work
mood: busy

I've been a bit busy in RL lately with work and other stuff, so I haven't had alot of spare time to work on the site.

I have been playing around testing several site management utilities for the new frontend, and I think I've decided to go with Drupal  It's pretty configurable, and has alot of the features I like without being as complex and restrctive like php-nuke.  Plus it lets me use my own forums.  

Now, none of these things will have fancy designs or graphics unless someone is willing to donate the time and energy to make me some.  Thus, I'm probably going to go with some free skins for them for starters. I do have immajer working on a skin for the new story archive, however.

One of the neat features Drupal has is a news aggregator, where I will be able to automatically list updates to the new story archive on the front end, as well as updates to this journal, and any other blogs I want to add.  I can also add alot of the old pages (like links, etc.).

I am hoping to send out that email soon to FORKNI-L and FKFIC-L asking for updates.  This part will take alot of work once people start mailing me.

That and I might be brave enough to go ahead and install Drupal for real on the main site and start cusotmizing it. 

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This week's goal

Jun. 13th, 2006 | 03:12 pm
mood: okayokay

My goal for this week is to draft and post a major email requesting any authors wanting stories removed, updated, etc. to contact me at a new email address I'm setting up just for that.

I want to word it carefully, as I don't want people to remove their stories, but in this day and age of too much personal information on the Internet, I want people to be able to remove or have their stories updated on the website.

And/or they can add them to the new archive once I have it ready, which is what I would prefer.

This will be sent to FORKNI-L and I will ask permission to send it to FKFIC-L as well.  I'll probably put up a webpage with more information as a link off the main page as well.

As for the DOS attack, it stopped fortunately, and I banned the IP addresses. My web hosting didn't offer much in help other than doing what I did plus they can increase my bandwidth if needed.  I am keeping a close eye on it in the meantime.  If traffic remains normal, I should be okay for June, I think.

I'm still catching up on a few back emails and things (waves John) since my Internet was out for 5 days last week.   Stay tuned!

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"Dying to Know You" Discussion

Jun. 13th, 2006 | 02:12 pm
mood: blahblah

"Dying To Know You" is the Forever Knight episode being discussed this week in Ith's journal.    Join in the discussion!

"Last Act" was last week's.  I missed it mostly since my Internet was down for about 5 days or so.

Past discussions:

For the ongoing list of discussions:  Forever Knight Livejournal Episode Discussion List

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Argh! DOS Attack?!

Jun. 9th, 2006 | 10:36 pm
mood: annoyedannoyed

I happened to check my weblogs tonight and realized the site has been under a DOS attack since yesterday sometime.  It has been eating up this month's bandwidth (almost all of it), 80%).

I banned the IP addresses that they seemed to be coming from:
The actual log entries look like this: - - [08/Jun/2006:16:36:13 -0700] "GET /fanfic/c/chri3227.txt HTTP/1.1" 200 4445 "-" "psycheclone

Doing a google on psycheclone and the above ip addresses results in some hits on various web logs, so its likely this is a known DOS Attacker.

I submitted a ticket to my web hosting provider asking about my options etc.,

I just need to keep a closer eye on things, I guess.  I am glad I caught this.

Not alot of news to update, as my Internet was out for 5 days so I didn't get my online stuff done and have been catchig up with email in the meantime. 

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"For I Have Sinned" Episode Discussion

May. 30th, 2006 | 04:07 pm

"For I Have Sinned" is being discussed in Ith's journal.

Go join in!

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